Physics Handle movement is really jittery and not smooth at all

I’ve seen a few questions like this, but none seems to help. What I’m dealing with is this:

The setup is default: On tick, I SetTargetLocation() of the physics handle to the scene component location in my character class. I tried doing it both directly:

FVector NewLocation = Scene->GetComponentLocation();

and with interpolation:

FVector NewLocation = FMath::VInterpTo(CurrentLocation, Scene->GetComponentLocation(), DeltaTime, InterpolationFactor);

What I’ve tried playing around with:

  1. Physics Handle Tick Group. I’ve even created a separate custom Actor Component so that I could use its own tick instead of character tick.
  2. Tick prerequisites between the character and the physics handle component in various configurations.
  3. Physics Handle Interpolation speed and linear stiffness and linear damping.

None seems to make the movement of the held actor smooth. The effect intensifies with VSync enabled, and for some reason in a Linux build.
E.g. if I manually limit fps to 60, the effect is there; but when I enable VSync and have the same 60 fps, it’s much more prominent.

So is there anything else I’m missing? Is there maybe a way to use physics tick with substepping? Or anything?

Thank you!

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