Physics going wild after changing time dilation


I have two problems and both are about the time dilation. First problem is this:

Some of the Characters and other actors are starting to move when i set Time Dilation to 0.1. My game has a slow-motion that activates when certain things happen. Almost every time when i activate slow-motion, Characters that are in ragdoll will begin to move around. Sometimes they might raise the leg or something like that. Any idea what is reason of this? There aren’t any forces or anything affecting the dead characters.

Other problem is that when i attach actor to an actor, the actor will suddenly launch itself in end of the room. If i don’t slow down the time, attachement is working perfectly. Strange thing is that sometimes this will work and sometimes it won’t. I will add impulse to Actor after the attachement, but i am using the delta-time so the slow-motion should be okay with that, but it is not, i guess. Any help?