Physics Glitching When Game Is Packaged.

I haven’t used Unreal “seriously” in a long time. This month I decided to give the new unreal a try and create a scary game in less than 1 and a half year. The game is physics based(ouch) and I was making a very realistic door system. The thing is that the game runs perfectly in unreal viewport. And yes, I know that the viewport and the package work differently, I know. But… I can’t find the problem. In the viewport the game runs perfect, everything. And the physics too. But when I export the game(package it) and try to grab an object, I don’t know why the object flies away. As such, the physics work, as they fall and react and don’t go flying. It only happens when I pick them up, any ideas?

Maybe its the blueprint???
Or the package settings??
I been trying for the past 3 days, i dont see progress. Im getting out of hand…

Anyway, thanks for any help!

Here is a video showing the normal viewport and the packaged version: