Physics for tennis ball


I’m trying to simulate tennis ball physics. I searched for options on how to implement this on UE4, and
I’m can’t decide which is the correct way to move the ball, considering I will have to add Magus effect (alter trajectory because
of air resist. considering ball rotation), and I will also need to calc. the force/impulse needed to get to X,Y (Z is constant, floor level)

  1. AddImpulse: This is the simplest way I think of. After impulse, add Magnus effect in each frame with “delta” force (AddFoce) on selected axis… and
    … use “Homing projectile” feature to get to X,Y. But… I can’t think of the implications/problems this may have in the future regarding framerate change
    and network sync.

  2. Do everything with AddForce. I Will need lot of equations here

Any advice appreciated

Hello , I know a lot of time has passed, but which approach did you use in the end?