Physics for short stylized/anime hair

Currently, I am working on a model that has short, spikey stylized hair that was modelled in Blender.
As you can see in this image.

I want to implement physics so that the hair spikes show a gentle delayed sway when the model moves. However, I can’t find a good way to go about this.

Does anyone know what a good way would be to achieve this?
I have a very hard time finding anything hair related that isn’t about photorealistic hair pipelines.
[Note: Apology for accidentally submitting this topic twice.]

If you search the forum you’ll find a rather identical topic from sometime a year ago.

Really the only way is individual segment rig made specifically for the hair.

Nothing has really changed. If anything it’s gotten much worse.

Chaos will never improve the system that’s derived from apex cloth, and apex cloth doesn’t really support any soft body like structure which is what you would need to do this.

Ergo, the only real option is to make a specific rig.

Alternatives would be to go crazy with pivot painter.
Or make morph targets.

Because you have a ton of spikes you probably have to start over. Make a single spike, rig it to an armature. Make copies and alter them to get individual looks.

After placement join them all into one armature/rig. And save the hairdo as a separate skeleton entierly so you don’t have to add all those bones to the base skeleton.
You can then instance the hair as a completely separate thing - and, take advantage of both control rig and anymdynamics nodes to get physics simulations going.

Btw this is essentially the same process for any dangling or even hair card hairdo…

Bones (and weights) for the strands you want to move. Set them up with bodies in the physics asset editor unless you want to hand animate them.

Going back and implementing new bones is not a problem for me.

I have tried to use AnimDynamics which so far seems the most promising solution but I wish I could find some examples or tutorials on how to properly use this for my goal, for example do I use one bone per spike or a chain? What settings do I need to change to get that slow delayed sway when moving but still goes back to the original position when I stop moving?

I find it difficult to find any resources that would answer these kinds of questions.

The hair needs to move in real time so hand animating is not an option.
Do you know any sources that go in dept on how to achieve the desired hair movement with bones?

You have to set it up and test.
The spikes need a bone for every hard turn - probably a maximum of 2 to keep it simple.
A chain of 4 and above can twitch constantly so it’s not a good candidate.

The constraints can probably all be locked, so that it bounces around like an antenna or somethi9ng similar.
There’s no need for motors or anything I don’t think. Depends on what you want. you have to experiment.