Physics for animated skeletal mesh

Constraints. You can add “hinge” constraints to your box either inside the physics asset editor, or with the physics constrain component. When you add a constraint it will have a lot of settings you can mess with. The ones that are probably going to be the most important to you would be the angular limits and anular motor. You will also need to specify what constraint names and bones you want to effect.

Another component you might want to look into would be the physical animation component. Which can control how much physics is effecting animations.

There is a lot of settings in both of these components, so I’d recommend watching some tutorials on how to use them.

I cannot find a way how to switch on physics for an animated skeletal mesh.

I have a box with an animated cover. Open and close.
It works well if physic is off.

If physic is on, cover just falls down into the box, and amination doesn’t work.

What is the correct way to have an animated mesh, which can have physics?

P.S. Of course, I can take two static meshes instead, if it’s just a box. However, I want to find a way how to do it for SK.