Physics Error/Glitch

I’ve been working on coding a dynamic drag system for a project I’m working on and it seems to work fine till I start trying to work with the relative lateral velocity. At this point any sudden change in direction causes the vehicle to suddenly accelerate and vanish. It seems to work just fine longitudinally (forward and backwards) but it crashes when I attempt to do lateral movement. Sometimes it is even failing hard enough to crash the whole program. I’ll link a couple of the error codes being spit out by it. Also for the record i’m using the add force command for this.

I am aware it says to enable simulate physics but that’s the strange part as it is already.

Can see it working as it should here:

And this is after adding the lateral component and you can see it vanishing as soon as I reverse the turn
Screen capture - 8f03d8f67229990a26604a0bd5aa83c0 - Gyazo

Moved this to the programming section as it is probably better suited there now that I’ve had some sleep and can think straight again.