[Physics] Enabling "Simulate Physics" on a moving Pawn.

I have a Pawn with a skeletalmesh component which is moving. I override the physics asset in the skeletalmesh to ensure that it is using the correct physics asset for my skeleton.

On key press, I enable Physics simulation and destroy my controller. The pawn then overreacts and spins away (always in the same rough direction) when I just need it to halt it’s movement and flip over a few times (it’s a motorbike).

I’ve Checked the angular/linear damping and mass (in the skeletalmesh component in my Pawn blueprint and in the physics asset). Is there something that I might be missing out? I’ve set the mass scale so high (it’s at 70 atm), but it always seems to flip to the left and then violently up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Does it work correctly when you simulate in PHAT?

Yeah, behaves in the way the rigid bobies, angular/linear damping and mass would make you expect.

Yeah I tried that test. It spawned the mesh and behaved as expected but didn’t inherit the momentum/inertia of the pawn.

Sadly I think that option is unavailable. I’m using a custom movement component that was made for me, and I don’t think it has any of the velocity stuff exposed atm.

I have encountered similar behavior in the past when the physics bodies on the skeleton were too big.

It cannot solve the ragdoll so it explodes.

Try reducing/shrinking the number of physics bodies on the asset.

Sometimes when I have problems like that I then realise that I have another component in the same blueprint that has collision on but is set to not render and is pushing on my character.