Physics don't make any sense.

If you open up the the first person shooter template, and shoot the white boxes they will tip over.

If you look at those same boxes in the details, it will say that the larger ones weigh around 2000kg and the smaller ones around 200kg.

The SM_Chair weighs 120kg and that is too heavy for a chair.

I know there are physics materials and the people on this forum who adamantly defend epic will say that I should not complain about this… But I feeeeeel, that if you have such beautiful assets and materials and meshes that you are giving to us grateful community members, maybe you should also give us realistic physics assets to go with them.

Just an idea (please don’t hate me), love you guys (all of you; even fellow forum members).

Yeah, this bothers me too!
Even a child knows that 0.5U Box of Templatium under physical conditions of Template level should weight 50KG, not 300KG!