Physics constraints on iOS device start spazzing out

I have a setup as shown in the screenshot; there’s a black tube attached to a boss character that moves around like a tube would if someone were moving with it attached to them:

They are a bunch of plane meshes attached together one by one by constraints. All the meshes simulate physics except the first one, which i have set to directly follow the boss character. This works perfectly fine, except when I tested it on my iphone. The meshes seem to have more bend on them then they usually do and look less stable, and if they bend around too much on each other, it breaks apart and all the planes go haywire all over the screen.

It works correctly on the android devices i’ve tested it on. You can see the tube in action working correctly on my trailer

Anyone know why it might behave this way on an iOS device? Is Physx enabled on iOS devices? Is there other accuracy consideration I should be aware of that could affect this?