Physics Constraints not working when moving to UE5

Greetings, everyone!

I have a Hook System that allows you to swing between attachable points made with blueprints.

It all works with physics constraints but, when moving to UE5, the constraints seem to malfunction (in UE4 works perfectly).

UE4 (4.22) → Physics Constraints Working (UE4) - YouTube
UE5 (5.0) → Physics Constraints Not Working (UE5) - YouTube

Has anyone encountered this issue? Thanks!

I just Discovered this issue my self With My VR project.
I’m migrating a VR project that uses Physics constraints on the hands to UE5 & Its a mess. the once tight constraints are now loosely swinging all over the place not anywhere near my hands.
I also noticed that even with constrained objects named in the details panel It don’t seem to work and my physical bits sit on the floor . So I forced one of them in the graph by using the set constrained components node But then both were working?? but, but swinging all over again?
Im confused

Do you guys bother reading the release notes and “features” before doing things?

Ue4 = physX
Ue5 = Chaos

The two systems aren’t even remotely close to parity.

The proper answer is:
Don’t update projects which rely on physics to an engine that uses Chaos unless you started on a ue4 version that uses Chaos.

With regards to what works and what doesn’t. File bug reports. They’ll get ignored like always, but maybe by 2025 they can get to parity…


Thanks for the explanation! Really helpful.

This is the best Answer… Why are people trying to go against Chaos in UE5?

Well, because chaos is really really bad…
I’m against it too, at least in its current state.

The problem is that unless a billion bug reports get filed so that out of those epic can ignore the usual 999,999,900, we will never see any improvements.

In reality, it really doesn’t look like anyone at Epic is capable of actually improving on the current performance - so getting parity isn’t going to happen at all. Probably ever.

As a result, I would suggest not using unreal, or sticking to older versions.

Really, with the ample variety of low entry cost/free game development platforms out there, there really isn’t any reason to stick with epic for the specific purpose of physic based games IMHO…

Yes agree.
Ive had a hard time upgrading,
And I ended up recreating with Chaos. But I was more trouble than fun at the time.