Physics Constraints & Constraint Actors?

How do the physics Constraints attach? I notice in the example content under physics 1.5 blue and red cubes as pictured. One would think the connections are made either by attaching each object or creating a blueprint class with the constraint actors as a static object and the interacting mesh as moveable with collision as a phyics actor.

The project I’m working on is a set of turntables pictured. The mouse over events change the cursor and I am thinking that using the player pawn character blueprint from the demo room level for the physics example I can interact and move objects modifying the blueprint or screen capturing and try to recreate.

wow, I guess that was a dumb question. No responses. I did find that searching for a constraint actors 1 and 2 does link two objects around a physics constraint class. Not sure about how they enable mouse interaction as in the examples. Any ideas?