Physics constraints. Are they breakable?

I may be overlooking something but I’ve been messing around with the physics constraints and I can’t seem to find the “angular breakable” setting in the details panel for a constraint. Or any breakable constraint setting for that matter. The documentation on this matter shows the breakable check-boxes in the details panel, yet I can’t find them myself within the editor. Also it seems that the picture in the documentation is showing a different details panel than the one in the current editor. If anyone would happen to know if this is a feature not yet implemented or if I just happen to be unnecessarily confusing myself, please let me know.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Here is the picture form the above linked documentation page on the matter.

We found a bug with breakable constraints shortly before 4.0 release so we had to disable that feature. They should be back in 4.1 though!