Physics Constraint "SetDisableCollision" Doesn't work second time on same objects

Physics Constraint “SetDisableCollision” function works the first time on two objects, but after deleting the constraint and creating a new one, it now won’t disable collision anymore. seems like an engine bug but maybe i am missing something?

It does work only one time with each pair of constrained objects. in my case there are two actor classes - X and Y.
each time they get close at some angle, i create a temp constraint for them which i delete after some event and let them free.

x1,x2,y1,y2 are instances of the classes.

x1+y1 get constrained the first time and SetDisableCollision works fine.
the second time x1+y1 get constrained and SetDisableCollision fails.

when x1 however meets y2, SetDisableCollision works fine again.
then second time of these two fail.

when x2 meets y1 and y2, same behaviour. even if one of them failed with x1 before, it will work the first time with the new x2.

the above situation proves this “bug” happens only on pairs of objects and not on one specific amongst them.

same effect if i have only one constraint that breaks and connects each time rather than creating new one for each pairing and deleting after break.

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■■■■■■ facepalm workaround solution:

after each constraint break - duplicate one of the meshes, delete the original mesh and replace all it’s references and relations with the new duplicated one. result: upon creating a new constraint, it will be considered as a new pair and will work as if first time.