Physics constraint rotation also rotates the default position of the bone

I’ve been scratching my head around this issue for hours, what i have been trying to accomplish is get my car door to rotate using physx constraints but when the limit is set to for example 30, it goes 15 degrees into the car and 15 degrees the correct way.
I found a way to fix this by rotating the constraint but this also rotates the entire doors default pose, so when the limit is then set to 0 the door is locked in an open position.

Also discovered that in previous versions of PHAT you could use Alt rotate to keep the 0 position the same and only manipulate the angle of the constraint but this now only rotates the constraint in world axis.

I’m hoping someone knows a solution to this as I’ve been researching for a few hours with no luck and tried everything i could think off.

If you bring up the skeleton browser you should be able to rotate just the constraint. It shouldn’t bring the bone with it

Skeleton browser?
It doesn’t rotate the bone just the constraint but when when the constraint limit is set to 0, the angle of the bone is rotated the same 30 degrees as i had rotated the constraint.

I have tried to compensate in the skeleton hierarchy by rotating the door (bone) 30 degrees inwards but it makes no difference to the default pose of the constraint.

I just had the same issue. Somewhere along the line, the information in this video was reversed.

As of 4.21.2, the controls are as follows when rotating a joint in PhAT:

  • LMB: Updates the direction of Swing 1, Swing 2, and Twist.
  • Alt + LMB: Updates the position of the range for the axis you’re rotating on.

A very delayed response but this is the exact solution, you’re a legend!

same! I have been struggling with this for hours.