Physics Constraint Not Holding Character

Hi, I’m trying to make a rope swing using the cable component and a Physics Constraint, but the physics constraint isn’t holding the character up at all. I’m using the scene root as the first anchor, but I’ve also tried using a mesh at the scene root as the anchor too, and the second anchor attaches to the hook mesh in the same actor, which gets hooked onto a grapple point, so the constraint should be between the grapple point and the scene root, which is attached to the right hand, thus holding the character up and allowing you to hang there and react to physics.

I’ve tried:
-Enabling physics on the mesh, but that did nothing but rotate the character in awkward angles
-Enabling physics on the capsule, but I just span out of control and flew off the map
-Checked that when the grappling hook is spawned, ‘Weld Simulated Bodies’ is true
-Making sure the Hook Mesh is above the Scene Root, and the Physics Constraint was in between both of them

Here are my settings for the Physics Constraint, I’ve played around with them but to no avail: