Physics constraint broken

I have a hinge setup between two objects, with one object on top and one hanging below. There is a swing motion happening when the player is moving due to it’s being attached to the player. (see videos attached below)

I recently migrated my 4.26 project into 5.0, when I noticed something that shouldn’t occur.
Running the game in 5.0 and when the hinge doesnt swing anymore, the attached object just stay in the world position, even though I am moving the play. If I run it in 4.26 it works fine, I have double checked that all the properties are the same.

My guess is that has something to do with the chaos physics? And thte fact that its still in early access. But asking here anyway if someone might have a work around or a proper answer for why it behaves differently between the versions.

Videos of the behavior
UE 4.26 ← explected behavior
UE 5.0

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