Physics constraint, actor on component?

I like to attach something to the player with a physics constraint and that should be a actor. Basically I want the player to pick up a actor in the world and hold/drag it in front of him. While that object is attached with a physics constraint it should also be able to slide around through physics collision. So it can’t be moved through world elements.

It seems there is no way to do this since physics constraints only works with components?

wow no answer, why am I not f…surprised

If your player has a skeletal mesh with a physics asset, you can attach the object’s root component (mesh, shape, whatever physical) to one of its bodies. I’m not sure whether it can be done directly like PhAT, since physics constraint component accepts bone names, not body instances, nevertheless it works. See UPhysicsConstraintComponent::SetConstrainedComponents(Comp1, Bone1, Comp2, Bone2)

There still could be some problems with collisions between your player mesh and the object (better disable them to avoid “convulsions”) and with moving the constraint frame reference, if you want the object e.g. to slide.