Physics Constraint Actor inside a Blueprint Freaking Out

Hiya all,

So I’ve setup a BP with a Physics Constraint that connects to a BasicBody_Sim with Physics. I’m constraining the ‘spine_03’ in order for the ragdoll to just dangle there.
From within the BP it seems to work as expected.

However, when I put the BP into the Level, The body snaps off immediately, goes to 0,0,0, and has a seizure. I’m having difficulty tracking down why.

If I do the same setup within the Level itself without a BP, it works as expected and as the docs:

Any thoughts or ideas what I might try to fix this behavior!?


Update: I tried the same setup, only with a Static Cube… Same thing. The cube Snaps to 0,0,0 if the BP is in the Level. I have to assume it’s user error… but can’t seem to debug it. thanks

Update 2: It seems to occur when I’m using Skeletal Meshes… Static Meshes seem to work as expected. Why would this be the case, and how SHOULD it be setup!?