Physics Constrain Bug When Changing limits

Blueprint2: [


So I’ve been trying to figure out this bug when changing the limit size of physics constraints. I have a Harpoon gun that creates constraint adding it to the PlayerCharacter and the collided actor. Once the constraint is created the player can then change the length of it by press 2 different buttons. One to increase the size and the other to decrease the size. I’ve tested this system on another project file accept through means of external interaction and not connected to the player itself. It works that way. But for some reason on my full system where its connected to the player, the constraint acts weird and begins to move its origin point forward once reach around halfway of the starting length.
On the posted video, You can see this happening. The first part shows how its supposed to work but just in testing stage.
I’ve been working on this for over a week now and have re written it in multiple ways and used different attached actors and meshes. I even changed the structure to use a sort of constraint slot and not add new ones but just set the ones when needed. This made no difference.
I’m beginning to wonder if There’s a bug, but I guess there could just as easily be something I’m missing.
Any advise is greatly appreciated and if someone else has used the physics constrain in a similar fashion with the player or any other pawn, I’d like to here your experience.