Physics Collision on Skeletal Mesh (gun model)

I have a Skeletal Mesh for a weapon and i’m having trouble with the collision on the physics asset. When I drag the Skeletal Mesh out into the level to test the collision it works great. But when the weapon is added to the character using a socket, it appears to only collide with the [small] bones that the physics asset is a child of; If it doesn’t hit this small area, it passes through the mesh.

I don’t believe it’s an issue with collision responses because if I remove the physics collision from the barrel, the projectiles no longer hits the barrel of the gun attached to the player OR the gun that was dragged out into the map.

I attached a screenshot of the physics asset and a screenshot of the test where the gun is held by the character and when it’s just in the level.

I appreciate any help trying to figure this one out. Thanks!