Physics by balloon


Hi, I want to do a Character who fly`s with a balloon in his Hand.
And if the User click the balloon, the Character falls down. Do you got an Idea how i handle this? The character + Balloon the Balloon ist destroyable

Yes I have idea for this, at least for floating ballon. With your guy floating there are more problems, you need to watch tutorials first (that is biggest problem). Making ragdoll out of character is not trivial, so first do just balloon. Then we see what can be done for your guy.

For floating ballon:

  • create new blueprint class
  • get ballon model (for eg, default sphere for testing)
  • turn on on its physics
  • set so it has gravity
  • set mass to very small
  • add physics thruster that thrusts down (red arrow should be pointing up)
  • now turn thruster on, you should have floating ballon.

Or follow this:

Or give balloon a negative gravity.

He wants his guy fly on balloon later, it needs some logic.


I dont understand the last two points by Nawrot. Or rather I dont know how to set it.

@BoredEngineer how can I set a negative gravity?

That´s right. But first it should fly :wink:

My bad, for some reason I thought we can setup gravity vector individually per object. Thruster that Nawrot mentioned is a component which you need to add to your blueprint.

Unic watch and follow that hoover tutorial, it is almost what you want.

Also my thruster idea is bad here, because thruster points where it is set and does not rotate to always face down. Hoover tutorial has much better solution.

Okay, thank you guys. I will see the Hover tut later today, because I have to go for a few Hours. Thanks for the fast help

Yeah thruster would have problems because it would start throwing around in different directions. I would just give it a fake negative gravity similar to the hover tutorial.

For the thruster 1 you could use physics constraints and stuff but seems unecessary