Physics bug with small objects?

Can you also post a screenshot of your BP graph where you apply force please?


i am having issues with physics objects.
Basically, small objects (cubes) dont appear to behave correctly when i am applying force to them.
Here is a video example:

basically, when i try to push(apply force at location) the small cubes in the direction of the white blocks - nothing happens, when i try to push the blocks in the direction of yellow blocks, it seems to work as expected.

as there something i’m missing or is this a bug?
I thought it may be a bug, as when i scale up the forces involved, things behave normally, but i would like small objects and apply small physics forces to be able to have small movements.

Sure thing:

no change, same result as the original video.

Try Get Rotation > Get Forward Vector instead of Get Actor Forward Vector and see if it helps.