[Physics] Boxes jiggle?


I’ve created some simple boxes and enabled simulate physics on them. However, when they fall to the floor and should be at rest/sleep they constantly jiggle around. I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t figure out why they’re doing this.

Here’s a short video showing what I mean by “jiggle”.

The collision settings are the defaults and the cubes are just six sided. There’s nothing complex about their geometry.


I’m using 4.15.2 and not the 4.16 preview.

first, check your collision meshes. they should be simple.
second, check the ‘linear dampening’ and ‘custom sleep threshold multiplier’ settings for the meshes.
the higher your linear dampening, the more effective ‘drag’ the mesh gets, and the softer its collisions become.
the ‘custom sleep threshold multiplier’, from what i would guess, would control how soon the mesh sleeps given its movement/lack thereof, though I haven’t myself messed with it.
those should be good starters.

A lot of useful info there, thanks. I’ll start tweaking things and post back. :slight_smile:

Yep. Increasing the linear dampening worked. Thanks Construc_.