Physics Body question

Hi everybody!
I need your help to solve a problem.I’m creating a third person game and i have built a map tunning 60 fps. I want to add 25 copies of a 3d zombie model ( which contains 1340 triangles ) inside the map. The problem comes up when I try to include them and my fps decrease from 60 to 30…
I noticed that the heart of the problem is the physics body of the zombie skeletal mesh; in fact as soon as I remove it, the fps fall down from 60 to 50.
So can you tell me why I experience this problem?
Is it appropriate to use a physics body inside the models for smartphone games?
Moreover, I would like to know if there are any recommended settings for a mobile game skeletal mesh.
Thank you all!

If you’re using physics to stop when there’s a collision then you might want to consider using Sweeps instead (the checkbox when you use a Add Actor Local Offset node).
Keep in mind it only uses your root component to check for collisions.