Physics bodies interacting with character capsule component?

Heyo! So I’m trying to get some physics animations to work on a characters cloak. Just so it simply blends the physics of it flapping around and the animation data I import for it from Blender. My understanding from watching nearly every tutorial for it, and similar things, it shouldn’t be too hard? But it SEEMS like the bones that move the characters cloak are interacting with the character collision capsule. Which makes them go flying. To test it I even moved her mesh outside the bounds of the capsule and the physics work just about how I would expect. And when I move the other side of her cloak inside the capsule, that gets all wonky too. (Ignore her actual animation, I only have the idle to test right now lol)

These weird results must have something to do with her blueprint since in the physics asset window, when I simulate it works as expected. Or am I approaching this problem solving incorrectly? Even though I know the sizing needs some adjusting, but not to the point of breaking the physics.

Her armature has proper scaling, nothing weird about the animation as far as I can tell. And I’ve tried messing around with most every constraint and collision object setting but none seem to fix the issue. Including moving collision objects outside each others range and inside and themselves, and I’ve made sure they don’t collide with ones they connect to as well. I’ve tested it in her Tpose as well, and it still freaks out. This is my first time messing around with physics so I could just be dumb and not seeing something but it FEELS like I have the bases covered at least. Is there anything else I could test to see if it’s causing something weird? Or some angle I don’t know about? Thanks for any help!