Physics Based Sword/Melee Attacks [Q]

Good morning community!

The last issues I had are either resolved, or I am on my way to getting them done. Thank you again to all the people who stepped in and helped me! My next little speed bump is in regards to attacking. This game is in first person perspective, however I am waiting for my modelers to complete the character/animations. So, with that, for my midterm my teacher still wants to see that the character can attack with a sword. I was wondering if anything like this is possible without animations? I know about hitboxes, and I think I can figure out how to damage an enemy, its just getting that sword to swing that I can’t figure out. Any and all help is most welcomed and I thank you all for your help again!

This is kind of what I am hoping to achieve:

You can still do all the rest of the programming without the animation. Just do like what has happened in that video and rotate a sword mesh around you and damage whatever it hits