Physics based projectiles?

Is there a way to make a projectile object react to physics? I am trying to create throwing knives that will have a low trajectory and then will cause the object to bounce off the floor. I added the bounce option to the projectile but it doesn’t rotate correctly.

I suppose I could just spawn a physics object and immediately add torque and impulse to it. My only concern is getting this movement to replicate properly. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

You can absolutely have physics enabled and a projectile component. Make sure your knife has a capsule collision or any collision object, and you should have bounces.

This solution shows how to orient the projectile in the direction of travel

Thank you! My only question would be what do I assign the pitch variable to? Would I have to set up a tick event to feed the object’s rotation into the variable?

Yes you could have a float variable for the pitch.