Physics based movement on a ball

I am fairly new to UE4 so I may get some terminology wrong or may be missing some.

My goal was to create an actor that would have a sphere component to and then make the movement of my character physics based(adding force in a direction to move). My original though was to just use the add input movement function and check the force box but it did not seem to be force based movement at all. I tried checking the simulate physics on both the capsule and the sphere and each one individually and it seemed to disable the movement.

After a while I found out about the add impulse and this gave me the best results. The only problem was that it seems that this function doesn’t support multiplayer and it seems as if the players position isn’t updating as it moves.

How could I go about making a physics based movement for a sphere that would work with networking? If someone could tell me how to do this or point me to something I can watch/read that would be great.