Physics Based Motorcycle

UDK 4 testing physics based motorcycle .
They said it couldn’t be done.
There are no bones or joints in this bike. It is held together with physics constraints only.
The mouse movement is use to offset the center of mass side to side and forwards and back.It uses torque and impulse on the back wheel to drive it.
When I started this test project I did not really think it would work.
Now that it is basically working I will have to take the time to make a decent bike model.

A Big Thank You to UnrealTek ! for the great tutorials on using physics constraints and setting up a vehicle.
If anyone want to know how i did this i just fallowed these tutorials and only used 2 wheels.
Link to UnrealTek Custom Vehicles in Unreal Engine - 2 - Simple Car Using Physics Constraints - YouTube

Hello Max,
I would like to know if you could provide me the project so I can study it, I’m trying to do it through the tutorial but I have several complications.