Physics assets not colliding anymore?

Hi guys! Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to put this question.
Back when 4.9 came out, I remember upon updating my game I had to do some cheaty work related to deleting lines of code in a text document. (Reason being the engine wouldn’t start). These lines had something to do with collision.

And… ever since then, collision with skeleton bodies/ragdolls isn’t working! They are going right through the floor and such.

If anyone has any info on this, I’d be very grateful. Thanks!!


If you touched an .ini file then post here what exactly you did and where, so someone who knows will get in touch. That’s solution no.1, solution no.2 is just uninstall and reinstall UE4 again.

Alright, so I popped over to here: Redirectors Bug - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

And did this:

  1. Back up your Project :wink:
  2. Migrate to 4.9
  3. Close Editor
  4. Open MyGameDir\Config\DefaultEngine.ini
  5. Delete all lines starting with (+|-)Active(GameName|Struct|Class)Redirects
  6. Save and hope for the best
  7. Start Project, all Errors gone
  8. These lines where there before (in the .ini), must have been from a conversion process from a prior Version…