Physics Assets flying away when simulated (physics asset editor & in game), help needed

Hello, i’m having a little issue making an skeletal mesh going into ragdoll, the main problem is, when i kill the enemy, it will die, i remove the collision from the capsule component and start the physic simulation.

When this happens the enemy begin to fly away like crazy, i tried to find on google an solution for this, but didn’t found it.

i checked on the physic asset editor too, trying to find something weird and when i push simulated in the editor the mesh is moving like crazy too.

Here is a video of this behavior, if anyone knows how to fix or a tutorial to fix it, will be very useful.

thanks in advance for all the help

Hi, did you try either kind of this:

or nlocking dynamics?
Also if possible, it might be checked through C++ code directly.

thank you for the help, that solved the problem!

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