Physics asset tech questions

Guys how do I make edits via animBP to a physical animation compnent PhAt system?

  • I have a character with customization feature, shoulder width, height, arm length, etc. etc. done within the animGraph in animBP (using transform bone, animOffsets, additives, and so on.)
  • It has a physis asset
  • It has a feature for physical animation component (PhAC).
  • But when I run the PhAC, all the modifications from the animBP get overriden and the character has the bone positions and proportions from the initial skeleton, yet it recieves anim input. Where does it come from and why does the animBP extra stuff have no effect?

It seems like this has something to do with the physics constraints themselves. I often make use of the constraint motor, but always wondered what the target location/rotation refers to, its 0,0,0 and makes sense, but thats a local value, whats the parent transform and how do I make change that via animBP or so.

PS: I made an answerhub question with the same info: Physics asset with live animBP edits - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums