Physics asset starts bending mesh if i make 3 bones kinematic.


I am trying to make a ribbon which has physics attached. The start of the ribbon should always be attached to an object and then i want the player to either grab the ribbon in the middle, or at the end. He can then attach either the middle or end part to something. To get this done i was planning on making the bones kinematic once you attach them. This works for when i make the beginning and end bone kinematic. But once i add an additional kinematic bone in the middle it looks like the weight starts being distributed incorrectly and it starts behaving weirdly.

The skeletal mesh simply has 17 bones. I am using bone 1, 9 and 17 as the bones i want to be kinematic.

Here’s an image with the beginning and end bone being kinematic.

And heres an image with the beginning, middle and end bone being kinematic.

Does anyone know what could be going on?

Kinematic means it is not simulated.

Yes. But does that then not mean the bone at the end (left side of picture) should have the mesh properly attached? Instead of it deforming to the previous bone?