Physics Asset Shapes Updating with Morph Targets?

Has anyone figured out the best way to resize physics bodies within a physics asset for a skeletal mesh in tandem with morph targets? So let’s say I wanted to simulate soft body physics on a skeletal mesh that also has morph targets that alter the body shape. The problem of course, is the physics bodies do not scale with the morph targets by themselves. Is there a particular way to do this, or is this a limitation of the engine?

Hey there @ceremonypark! So technically there is a way to access the PHAT collisions at runtime and manipulate them, but it seems like it’s not meant to be used at runtime, and also not exposed to BPs so you must work in C++ for it.

Here’s a thread where someone figured out a workaround to the runtime editing of the PHAT issues.

Hope this helps!

Sorry for the late response, thank you SupportiveEntity! Looks like I’m stuck with trying to figure out some kind of workaround with blueprints since I don’t know any C++. :sweat_smile:
EDIT: I guess instead of creating a system with sliders I’ll just have to create, “Presets” that once chosen will switch the physics asset of the character at game start.

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Hi, have you solved it ? I met the same problem