Physics Asset: Linear Dampening and Collision shapes Help (how to best simulate hair with joints)

Howdy! I am working on a character for a project that uses joint in the hair to move it (not all of the hair needs to be simulated and we want to attach elements to the hair) This relatively works, but ultimately I am having issues with the physics asset.

With Bones:

  • for starters, I can’t seem to get the dampening settings right to slow hair movement to a stop. it continues to jitter on top of the head.

-I also seem to have issues with the shapes colliding with each other: I Added and extra capsule to the front of the face in the physics asset to make it so that the hair would sit on the front. However, the hair very often seems to go through the head during gameplay. It seems to work in the editor (I checked off the option for the hair collider shapes to hit the head capsule) but It does not work during runtime.

This overlap doesn’t happen in the editor. Instead the hair sits on the capsule and jitters.

And advice on how to fix the issue or how to approach the problem is appreciated (this is for a VR project, the hair doesn’t need to be sophisticated it just needs to have some natural movement.)

Thank you.