Physics asset issue!

I imported my char by a temporary file name because I was not yet sure about the material looks and physics in the editor… but after assigning textures and editing physics bodies and constraints for like 3 hours, I finally got satisfied and decided to make her a char and give the file a name aka: Sara_Mesh, Sarah_PhysicsAsset and Sarah_Skeletal (renaming from inside the content browser not windows) and BAAAM !! all the physics work are all lost and a stupid message show up to tell me to re assign a mesh … what?!! I mean come on … we all have a common coding/programming sense and specially me as a hard *** coder … a file name is a thing and a reference to it is another thing … and I know that the editor already re-reference all the links when when rename any file like blueprints or materials … except this stupid physics … why?! really there’s no good reason for that and it’s a lame and waste of time, please fix it. thank you!

Hello Shera Studios,

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your work. This can be prevented however. When you receive this warning message, it explains how to reassign a mesh to the existing Physics asset (select the desired mesh in the Content Browser and then choose Asset > Change Mesh). After this warning message, you’re given a decision to replace the existing bodies as there are no longer bones related to them or to cancel and keep them there anyway. If you select cancel, when you assign the mesh back to the physics asset, the bodies will still be there and nothing will be lost.

Hope this helps!

Matthew Clark