Physics Asset has no default SkeletalMesh assigned in Advanced Vehicle Template (4.6 Preview)

OSX 10.10, UE4.6 Preview.

Created a new project using the Advanced Vehicle Template.

When you double click the Physic Asset of the car, you get this error.

Warning: Physics Asset has no default
SkeletalMesh assigned! For now, a
simple default skeletal mesh
will be used. You should repair the
DefaultSkeletalMesh using UnrealPhAT
(Edit → Change Default SkeletalMesh)
before saving this asset.


Followed by


But there is no Edit → Change Default Skeletal Mesh in the menus


It can be fixed by exporting the UAsset as FBX and Re-Importing it

Hi Anadin,

Thank you for reporting this and the workaround. I’ve submitted a ticket for this issue (UE-6173) along with your post here. Once there is any relevant information regarding this issue I will update here.

Thank you!


Which UAsset should be exported as FBX and Re-import ?

@Sunyxyed: You only need to export the Vechicle skeleton and reimport that for it work correctly.

Hi! Seems like 2 years already passed, but this issue is still around. Any plans on fixing it?


This particular issue has long been resolved with Advanced Vehicle Template. If you are experiencing a different or similar issue please post as a new ticket on the AnswerHub in Bug Reports to be investigated. Thank you!