Physics Asset custom collision mesh

I have a skeletal mesh which needs a custom mesh collider. My problem is that physics assets are ignoring UCX_* meshes for there collision mesh generation. Is there some kind of solution out there or do I have to fall back to static meshes?

Any joy with this ?

I just forgot how to do this again and noticed this went unanswered:

In the Physics Asset editor:

  • right-click on the bone you want to add custom collision mesh for

  • at the bottom of the pop-up menu, under ‘Advanced’, is a drop-down box called ‘Copy Collision from StaticMesh’ click on that and choose the mesh to copy collision (requires adding a ‘New Body’ to the bone, if it doesn’t already have one, before the option is displayed)

As the name implies, it requires importing a static mesh with the custom collision to copy the collision from.

Note: If you had to create a ‘New Body’ to add the custom collision, you can delete the collision it generates after copying your custom collision.