Physics asset constrain problem.

I didn’t find thread that matched my problem even tough there are many physics asset threads I desided to do new one.

Anyway I made new model for third person skeletal mesh. I imported it into unreal editor without any warnings or errors however when I simulate it in physics asset tool all collision boxes and constrains breaks apart taking body parts with them. So I end up with ragdoll that breaks into pieces. Mesh breaks clean into body parts diveded by bones. It is like bones are not depended by each other, but rather work separate. Animations work great and bones are rooted as they should be. I used skeleton from animation idle because it was easier to get it attached into skin correctly than thirdperson mesh’s skeleton. But what i understand they are basicly same expect mesh has made skeleton into subfolder.

So can anyone help me how to fix this in editor or is this rig problem in model itself that must be fixed in 3dmax? I want normal physics simulation as in editor’s starter content.