Physics Asset collision bug 4.6.1

There is a major problem with copying collisions from static meshes. I have a skinned tank mesh and need accurate collisions for it. In order to archive the desired effect I created a couple of static meshes with the correct collision meshes and applied them in the PhAT. Long story short the collision is all over the place and has absolutely nothing to do with the physics asset.
I created a small project for you to take a look at.

Hi MatzeOGH,

Taking a look at your skeleton, you’ll want to make sure that you’re root bone is located at the 0,0,0. At it is right now you’re root is showing in the center of your tank mesh causing your physics bodies to offset upwards. If you re-rig your tank with these consideration you should see better results.

Here is the collision meshes being offset in the editor:


Here is a pic of the root not set to the ground or bottom of your mesh.

I hope this helps!


Thank you that solved my problem.

Great! Glad that worked for you. :slight_smile: