Physics asset, add bones?

Hello! How do you get access to the bones of the skeleton in the physics asset editor that are currently not in use?

I.E if I wanted to add constraints to the fingers of the existing mannequin without regenerating the entire thing.

Hi, yes you can generate only one body if you want :

Aaaaah, there’s the option I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

Aaaaah, there’s the option I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

As a follow-up, is it possible to constrain multiple bones to the same body?
I wish to lock all the bones in the hands to the hand body/constraint so they don’t dangle freely.

Or do I have to manage bones and constraints for every single bone individually?

You can have several shapes for 1 body, but constraints are always from 1 body to an other.
If you don’t want the fingers to dangle, you will have to set each constraint (you can set the first one, then copy/paste properties), or maybe simplier don’t add shapes for fingers.

So if they don’t have bodies, they just inherit motion from the parent bone?

Yes that’s it :slight_smile: . You can easily figure it out with a human phat, put all to kinematic exept lowerarm, delete the hand and simulate: the hand is locked to the lowerarm since there is no constraint and no body

be careful with the inertial blending below or any setting that targets the whole chain.
they will force the bones to behave as you tell them even if they have no constraints.