[Physics] Antenna/Swinging mesh


Does someone know how to reproduce an antenna like that but without a rigging model ?


Below a screenshot of what i want to do.

An home made vehicle and a mesh swinging behind.

Thanks !

I found this.


I don’t really know if this is made with physics constraint or home made blueprint ?

Why don’t you just try a physics constraint first and see how you like it?
There’s plenty if tute videos if you search youtube.

A personal motto of mine is to avoid physics setups when at all possible because you loose control to someone elses system and they are usually difficult to get to do and feel exactly as you want to. But then they might also be the best solution if you really want that realistic physics behaviour. Especially if you don’t want to/can re-code the behaviour yourself.

In fact i already tried this. I’ve had some bad result like you said, losing control, strange physics result, etc… so i totally agree with you.

Hence, i would like to code my behaviour myself. This is what i turned my mind on “link”](

I don’t want a realistic result, just a “springy behaviour”.
Can you help me to reproduce that ?

OK guys i programmed myself what i want based on this twitter movie.

Like Unreal says “if you love something set it free”.



Don’t forget “Enable Physics” for “Target”.

See you soon community !

Finally I want something more complex, i would like that the pillar follow the red ball in all directions.

Like on this picture.

But there are some issues with another directions…

Find attached my project, it would be awesome if someone could help me or give to me some advice !…ew?usp=sharing


Solved, I managed to find the answer. If someone is interested > Personal message…