Physics animation - How can I record it with Matinee?

I created a physics animation (a cube falls down and breaks into many parts) which I want to record as an AVI-file.

But when I start the recording in Matinee the physics animation is not starting. A little bit confusing because I have set the Matinee actor to “Play on level load”. How can I solve this problem?

Best regards, Andreas

Is there no possibility to record physics animations? I guess I have to trigger it via Matinee. But I don’t know how.

Best regards, Andreas

I don’t believe there is. What you can do is create an Event Track in Matinee. Then have the Event Track cue up the physics simulation in Blueprint.

From my research so far; if you want to animate physics, you have to use another program (3DSMAX, Maya, Blender), and ‘prebake’ the animations to then import into UE4.

Someone correct me if i’m wrong!