Physics and spawning drag fps down


I have a serious problem regarding physics and spawning. I have drones in my game(they rely on quantity), so I have about 40 of them. Problem is when they shoot and spawn a projectile they take 8-9ms of the frame time. After profiling I found out that the problem is literally the spawn function(using blueprints btw)… and they don’t even shoot that often 2 shots/s. Any ideas?

The other problem I have is with physics. I move 20 vehicles at the same time with physics and that slows down my AddActorLocalOffset function to about 8-9ms. I have 5 collisions on my blueprint, 1(broken down to 2 or 3 in my 3d modeling software) for the body and 1 for each wheel(4 wheels). Any ideas here?

Well about the spawning, I just checked the collision handling override to be always spawn, Ignore collisions. That reduced the ms to 6… Any ideas how to further reduce them?