Physics and Rotation

Hello all, in my project I need rotating ‘pieces’ or motors and I am having troubles when I try to limit its rotation. Here is the part of the blueprint that handle the rotating movement:
The problem is that I need to add the torque only if the motor’s rotation is in bounds (in this particular case from 0º to 270º).
Any help would be appreciated (sorry for my bad English, a Spanish guy is behind the computer) :slight_smile:

you should be able to drag off the Motor->Rotation-> Yaw node and add both a < and > node. For the < node put 270 in the 2nd field, and for the > node put 0 for the 2nd field. Then place a boolean AND node with both of your comparison nodes hooked to it, and place another branch node before “Add Torque” with the AND node as the branch condition.