Physics actors movement on moving platforms

So I have a sphere actor on a platform that is moving. The natural reaction is for the sphere to start rotating from the friction of the platform being dragged under it. But I’m looking for a way to have the sphere move 1:1 with the platform as if the friction of the sphere was really high (but not actually by changing the friction of the sphere or platform).

Also with the way my game is set up I can’t use the parent and child trick to have the sphere just inherit the movement from the platform it is touching.

Through searching I have seen people mentioning the GetPhysicsLinearVelocityAtPoint function to get velocity from a point and then applying it to the sphere. Though this kind of makes sense to me, I think there’s a step I’m missing here because I can’t figure out how to solve this with what I know right now.

I have two example videos here. The first is the default behavior of the sphere.

This second one is the outcome I’m looking for (using the additional friction method I can’t use as an actual solution).

Thanks in advance for any insight into this!