Physics Actors goes Supersonic

So, got an issue with my “Rotating Sorting Machine” where Physics Actors goes Ballistic in my little game.

The Blueprint has been setup to handle “trash” and is meant to be used for sorting based on type (paper, plastic, etc.). If the type is “Positive” it rotate one way and the other way if it is the wrong type aka “Negative”. Once it hits the required item count it spawns a new mesh on the rear.

This in itself works fine with the first actor regardless of if it is the correct type or not however each susequent actor dropped into this “Rotating Sorting Machine” is sent flying at super sonic speeds but i dont know why.

Pretty sure it is Physics/Collission that is the issue but i got no idea as to why. I have tried to change mass but even at 25000 kg it goes flying.

Playing around with CCD, Position Solver Iteration Count / Velocity Solver Iteration Count does not do anything either so i am very lost on how to resolve it.

These actors should not go flying but just “drop” to the floor. Any ideas?

Here is a video of the issue: Video of Issue:

Physics/Collission Settings of the Master BP: