Physically correct camera settings.

I’m an environment artist, recently handed the job of an Arch Viz artist - and with that I deal with a lot of artists and photographers speaking of their camera settings. One thing I’ve noticed is that VRay artists have a physically correct camera - based on values such as fNumber, exposure, vignetting, horizontal and vertical offset, film gate, shutter and film speed etc… While to a certain extent a lot of the terms used in Unreal Engine do refer equally to these values - is it possible to create a camera actor in the engine that refers and simulates these values equally?

I know that Arch Viz is a unique and niche use in UE4. However having a specific camera actor that can be used by the player to simulate these based on the values, and I would suggest the terms to follow equally (F-Number, exposure settings, ISO and Shutter speed) to be used.

This makes it a lot easier for those who are coming in outside of the game artist field to equally simulate real world values based on their fields i.e: Architects, Arch viz renderers, 3D artists who work on physical replication etc…

I hope this suggestion goes through :slight_smile: Having a conversation with a photographer about the settings they use and attempting to match it proves difficult because the terms are completely different.
Once more: I would like this not to be a replacement for the current camera in UE4 for games, but rather the choice between a physical camera and a game camera - to allow for those coming from outside :slight_smile:

Edit: I know that for physically accurate worlds, PBR, material definition and lighting also are something to take into consideration and that the Post Processing and LUT tables are used to move passed this issue. But if the camera can be used to assist in this and follow the same terminology this could greatly benefit those who are not game designers but rather pseudo-realism designers.

Hey Sythen, there is already this thread on same theme with dev answer and etc, so I think it’s better to move here :slight_smile:

Thank you zeOrb! :smiley: