Physically Based Motorcycle

I’ve made a broad search for this matter and really couldn’t find any motorcycle tutorial. I’ve also tried to mix up some vehicle system with other physics aspects of a bike and still could find my way out of this! Since I’m only a blueprint beginner, I’m hoping that there’s already a tutorial. Can anybody help me with some guidance?

I’m developping an Endless Runner game with 3 lanes, and the only different mechanic that I want to implement on my bike is the ability to Cram.
Thank you all for the bunch of content this community has already provided! Hope I find a solution!

Make a car with invisible wheels, animate the front/rear wheel in anim BP.
it won’t tip over, but it should work for what you need.

That’s actually a very different approach of what I was thinking, but can actually work! I’ll try it out! Thanks you!

How can I make a car with invisible wheels?